About Us

Enigmatic Books began as a traditional press, but turned into an experiment in storytelling.

Rather than putting out a call for submissions, we now produce our books 100% in-house—that is, by us, collaboratively.

We the authors publish our own works and share the profits equitably.

Since we’re building a readership out of fans who share our taste in fantasy fiction, we get to play around with different pen names and subgenres. Our brand promise: you can count on an Enigmatic series to be fast-paced, with engaging prose, and to feature a kickbutt heroine, cool magic, tons of action, and an UP ending—no bleak finales allowed, though we make no promises on mid-series book endings 😉

We LOVE writing and we LOVE releasing books to our readers while having fun every day. Happy reading!


FAQ for authors:


But seriously, where do I send submissions?

Please don’t send us your work; unfortunately, anything sent to us will not be read. We wish you the best of luck in your writing endeavors.


How  do I find a co-author?

To us, co-writing is an intense, intimate process. If you’re interested in creative collaboration, we highly recommend you try it ONLY with folks you already know very well. Trust us, you will be surprised many times along the way—even if you’re working with your best friends, as we are.


FAQ for readers and reviewers:


How do I become a beta reader for your next series?

We usually put out a call in the newsletter. That’s how we put together the fabulous beta reading team for Coven of Fire.

If you’re eager to beta read in a specific subgenre, email our Editorial Assistant and ask for a beta reader survey. If we get enough beta readers for a particular niche we’re already interested in, we could be inspired to write that series next.


How do I become part of your review team for the Sierra Cross books?

Email Cheryl, and she’ll sign you up for the review team and send you your review copy of Coven of Fire book one.


I don’t buy my books on Amazon! How can I get a copy of your books in epub format?

Starting in 2020, we plan to make Sierra Cross’s books widely available across book-selling platforms. Until then, all you have to do is email us a receipt from Amazon for the book in question and we will send it to you in ePub format. If you live in a country where you CANNOT buy the book from Amazon, send us an email and we’ll send you an e-copy of the book you want. Once we go wide you will also have the option of buying directly from us.


How can I support Enigmatic Books?

By being you. Reading our books, sharing our books, and signing up for our newsletter to find out about new books and reader bonuses. Thanks for reading!