Rise by Sierra Cross

Kickass witches. Gritty urban magic. Romance. Danger. Dark secrets.

For thirteen generations, the Coven of Fire has defended Seattle’s Demongate. Nine local women from potent Magicborn bloodlines—backed by the elite military order of the Guardians—kept the city safe…and free. But ten years ago, in a desperate attempt to hold off an overpowering demonic force, the whole coven and its Guardians made the ultimate sacrifice. Their traditions perished with them.

Alix and her friends were only thirteen when their mothers died. Dark magic is rising once again. To survive, Alix must somehow follow in her mother’s footsteps. Bring back the Guardians. Restore the Coven of Fire.

But without mentors to teach them the old ways, Alix and her untrained coven of orphans and misfits must move past the ancient rules that bound their foremothers. Forging new political alliances. Battling modern enemies.

Can Alix learn to hone her elusive magic? Can she trust Asher, the bold and charming Warlock who pushes her toward destiny and danger? And will Alix’s Guardian Matt ever allow himself to abandon his most sacred vow, in the name of true love?

This is not your mother’s coven.