Matt is my guardian, my rock. But he has a dark secret. One he’s carried with him his entire life…and it’s tearing him up inside. With more honor than sense, he’s decided to turn himself in to the authorities and face unjust execution.

But I won’t let that happen. Now it’s my turn to be his protector.

And if that were my only problem I’d have my hands full, but on top of it all a ghost from the past has shown up, complicating everything. Brutal factions in the Fidei, demons threatening to seize power, and a plot against our governing body are making it impossible to know who to trust. The whole magicborn world has been turned upside down. And we’ve stumbled onto some damning information that just might set the whole powder keg off.

Can my coven keep it together in the face of flawed justice, the pain of the past, and the weight of our destiny? If not, the fragile balance of the Spelldrift could topple into darkness.

Rage, the third book in the Coven of Fire series by Sierra Cross, will keep you on the edge of your seat with dangerous magical secrets, forbidden desire, and pulse-pounding action.

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