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handonmouseAre you a blogger, or a frequent reviewer on major book sites like Amazon and Goodreads? You could be receiving free e-ARCs of Enigmatic’s latest titles.

To apply for a spot on our ARCs List, please include your full name, email address, and a link to your blog (or your latest review).


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Enigmatic Reviewer List FAQ

How does this work?

1) We send you e-books. 2) You read them. 3) You review them on any online bookseller site (not just on Goodreads). 4) You email a link to your review to  5) We send you MORE e-books…

Where should we post our reviews?

For us, the best place to review books is where people shop for books. Amazon and iTunes are where most of our readers hang out. But really, Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo, GooglePlay and others are ALL great places to post–the more the better! 

How do you know reviewers aren’t going to pirate copies everywhere?

Anytime you send someone an e-book, there’s a small chance they’ll do something awful…and a huge chance they’ll do something great. Like write a cool review or tell their friends about the book. We choose to trust our reviewers not to do awful stuff, because that kind of trust is the only way to have a healthy relationship.

Do I get anything out of reviewing other than free books, undying gratitude, and the opportunity to speak my mind?

Yes! We’ll also run reviewer-only contests throughout the year, giving away gift cards and new paperbacks. As always, you’re eligible whether you loved or hated the book you reviewed. The best review is an honest review.

What if I decide I don’t want to review anymore? 

Easy, just hit “unsubscribe” below. And no hard feelings, ever. We only want to send books to people who want to receive them! 

What if I’m busy and can’t read and review right away?

No worries. You have 8 full weeks to review before you’ll get a polite email asking if you’re still interested in being part of the list. You don’t have to toss aside homework, childcare, or office tasks ASAP and plunge into the dangerous life of a girl whose after-school-job involves demons… It’s entirely your choice. :-)

Can I recommend this list to my friends so they can have free books too?

Of course! If they’re dedicated fantasy fiction reviewers, we want to meet them. But fair warning, once the list reaches a certain magic number (ok, it’s 150) we’ll close it off to new applications.