About Us

Enigmatic Books began as a traditional press, but turned into an experiment in storytelling.

We’re two friends who write novels collaboratively.

We’re also way, way off our publishing schedule.

Though we started off at a strong clip, publishing 4 books in our first year together, the last couple of years have been tumultuous. We’re sorry for our slowness. Life happens, and we’d rather be real with you about that than pretend we just forgot about Book 5. We didn’t forget. It’s still in the works, along with a fresh edit and stunning new covers for the whole series.

As long as we’re able, you can count on us to keep writing fast paced and engaging books– usually with a kick-ass heroine, tons of action, cool magic, and an upbeat ending.

We LOVE writing and we LOVE releasing books to our readers, while having fun every day we’re lucky enough to be at the keyboard.

Happy reading!